Some noteworthy IGF entries

I had a more thorough look at all the entries to the main competition of the Independent Games Festival. The diversity is impressive. I have tried to select some entries that I feel are worthy of attention and/or likely finalists in my opinion. I have done this based on the information available, which ranged from screenshots to playable demos. Entries that didn’t have more than one screenshot were ignored.
I also did not include games that were decidedly hobbyist projects or games that fit a very specific market (and will probably find it without the help of the IGF). Obviously, given the high number of entires, I may have failed to recognize some really good titles. I hope the jury picks them up for me.

As it turns out, the games I selected can be divided in three categories. I call them pinball games, simulators and games with content. The first are the most likely to be noticed by the IGF jury, in my opinion, and the last make the least chance. As it happens, my personal favourites are in the last category. I hope I’m being too pessimistic because there’s some very remarkable titles there.

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More TEF player creations!

Forest dwellers love to DANCE! These two video clips are by Jen (bubblywums) showing off the Deer of the Dead costumes at an improptu dance party. In addition to the original dance music by Gerry De Mol and our spooky variation, at the end credits you’ll hear TEF inspired music tracks made by Alpha. All very fun and well done, check it out. :)

and this one,…. no words….

Zero Gamer – Taking the action out of interaction.

Zero Gamer looks at games played, unplayed and unplayable, the spectator
and the spectacle.

At the London Games Festival Fringe 2007, HTTP Gallery presents the Zero Gamer exhibition in the festival lounge at 01zero-one before its presentation at HTTP Gallery. It includes works by Axel Stockburger, TheGhost, Corrado Morgana, Ljudmila, Progress Quest and JODI.

For texts and exibition details, check out the Zero Gamer website:

nope, we’re not in this one… just passing the word along about what sounds like another thought provoking show by Furtherfield and the House of Technology Termed Praxis. They organized the Game/Play exhibition (which we were a part of) too.

so, as they say:

Save …
Relax …
Take a deep breath …
Now put the controller down and examine your taped up, blistered fingers while you listen to the cutscene…

It is all too easy to overlook the fact that pauses, breaks and interruptions are such an integral element of digital games that they could be regarded as the backbone of the gameplay experience.

Endless Forest turns EVIL!

Halloween in The Endless Forest

For the occasion of the Velocity Festival of Digital Culture in Lancaster, The Endless Forest will be shrouded in mist during the month of October. Undead deer will be roaring, wolves howling and bats fluttering in preparation for All Hallow’s Eve and Day of the Dead.

You’ll need the latest Endless Forest client (3.1) to trick or treat.

You can be the very center of the mayhem, if you use the machine installed in the Furness & Midland Hall in Carnforth Station in Lancashire. Check here for information.
We’ve heard that opening hours may be “erratic for the first few days of the festival”. From Tuesday 16th to Saturday 3rd November the venue will be open to the public from 10am – 4pm Tuesday to Sunday.