Fatale reviewed in Spanish

Jaime San Simón describes how he experienced FATALE on the Spanish Eurogamer website.

Tale of Tales ha logrado recrear la figura de la Salomé de Wilde a un nivel de complejidad asombroso, creando a partir de ella una obra con sentido y valor propio. Un trabajo minucioso que da pie a una obra que no será bien recibida por todos los públicos, pero ya se sabe que los grandes artistas siempre vienen acompañados de polémica.

And no, there’s no score. 😉

6 thoughts on “Fatale reviewed in Spanish”

  1. Haha. I feel partially responsible for this. I was the one who suggested Jaime to try FATALE, he did, and it seems he enjoyed it as long as he wrote this. I’m glad for him you decided to dedicate an entry to his review.

    I don’t know if you know spanish, but he speaks very good of your work with FATALE (he even says he fell in love with it). I hope you grant him the interview he has asked for :3

  2. …and did you know, that The Path was the winner of the BEST INDIE category, in the 1st. issue in 2010 of the biggest hungarian game-magazine, PC Guru?

  3. Hi Britt, no, we didn’t know that. We know The Path and Fatale have been mentioned here and there in “best of year” lists but it seldom gets to the top (too controversial, I guess). Long live the Hungarians! :)

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