Vanitas, for all.

For various reasons, up til now Vanitas was not downloadable by users of the 1st generation iPod Touch. At first, because we didn’t get a chance to test it on this older hardware. Then after we did, when we tried to update to allow for it, Apple had suddenly, inexplicably, changed their policy on how to specify hardware restrictions. This left many developers scratching their heads how to allow or restrict what hardware their apps can run on. Apple had to fix our AppStore listing by hand to get things straight. Needless to say we are happy to now announce that Vanitas will run on any version of the iThings! iPod or iPhone, regardless of age.

So, 1st gen iPod Touch users, you can now play too!


Also, a few helpful tips for things that may not have been so obvious.

– Use multitouch to levitate up to 3 objects at once.
– Find the authors of the quotes by clicking the url at the top of the info screen.
– It is easier to get a gold star at lower levels so, try your luck with the reset button on the 3rd info screen.


10 thoughts on “Vanitas, for all.”

  1. I’m not sure I understand what this game’s about.
    could you tell me? or… is there a demo or such?

    I really enjoyed The Path, by the way (as for one of your last entries)…
    if Doom is RnR, then The Path is Bach.

  2. Strictly speaking, Vanitas is not a game. Well, it is only as much of a game as a slot machine is considered to be.
    Vanitas is a box of treasures meant to surprise and delight, or alternately to lead you into a melancholy, pensive state of mind. But which is up to you. It is a pretty plaything for your iPhone that you may never want to delete once you start because what you collect is your own thoughts. And what you spend is your own time. It reminds you of this.

  3. That’s… thought provoking.
    ‘Vanity of vanities’ like in Eccles.?
    and Vanitas, like vanity, which is actually a mis-translation, but… nevermind. it kinda fits this actually (from what I get) in the nihilistic sense.

    well, I guess any verbal translation of what it is would be a mis-translation of what it is.

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