Tale of Sales, last minute edition!

(Just a quick note, because we are experiencing some Internet fail at home today :p)

Can’t believe I never blogged this until now! (>.<) BUT In our recently revamped online store you will find we have the Polish Collectors CD Edition of The Path (playable in Polish or English, with great extras!), The Endless Forest postcards and the usual assortment of posters and USB drive games (which we’ve marked back down to 25 EUR.)

If you order by Friday I can still send things out this week. Will probably reach you in time for Xmas.

That is all. xo.

5 thoughts on “Tale of Sales, last minute edition!”

  1. I got one and it’s just about as lovely as sunshine. Ever since I got it colors seem brighter; smells seem more vivid; sounds turn into sweet melodies; health has improved and I’m in the best financial shape I’ve ever been now that I got that promotion I’ve dreamt about all my life. Not to mention how women crave my company these days. Ah, yes… life is a banquet! Thank you for a mircale, Tale of Tales.

    (You don’t think I’m overselling it a little bit, am I?)

  2. The above comment wins an award for making me laugh.

    I downloaded the boring ol’ version (Polish does not appeal to me, how about making a Swedish version, eh eh?) of The Path the other day (actually paid, since I feel like I’m supporting people who give a damn) and I’m loving it to bits. Sadly my computer is apparently not as good as I thought and I had to use the low post-process setting. I like the higher ones better. Oh well. Either way, it’s very artistic and the music is gorgeous.

    I hope the games I will develop will be as pretty and creepy. And hey, if you ever need a voice actress or anything I would really like to help. I sing, too! Ah, who am I kidding, you’re too good for me.

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