It’s been almost one year…

since The Path was released.

On 18 March 2009, we launched The Path from a room in the hotel where we first met exactly 10 years before. Get ready for celebrating the first anniversary of our six little girls and their very own big bad wolves! Expect an elaborate and revealing post-mortem/making-of, a special limited USB edition package, a nice discount on the regular download, an updated translations patch (now also on Steam!), an interview with a source of inspiration, news about the soundtrack, and of course an Endless Forest bathed in darkness and mist.

Robin's Birthday Room

29 thoughts on “It’s been almost one year…”

  1. can I ask?
    I understand that all girls have a wolf (one girl – one of fear), but you’re talking about common wolf, and here I can not understand that the general fear connects girls. recently got the idea – fear grow old:)?
    Excuse my bad English.

  2. Oh woah, this sounds brilliant, this ‘game’ has fascinated me for so long. Looking forward to all this :-)

  3. Egads, it has been a year. My brain categorizes things so that I don’t remember the time between memories when thinking of something very specific. It literally feels like only weeks have passed.

    Congrats to both of you, as well as the others who contributed to making The Path what it is. Looking forward to the new behind-the-scenes stuff!

  4. Yes, there will be a soundtrack!
    It’s almost done. It consists of specially made linear versions of the music that was composed for the game. It’s sublime!

    We hope to announce a release date during our anniversary week.

  5. Oh not fair I wont be around. Ho hum. I wish everyone a happy 1st anniversry andi hope there are many more to follow.

  6. The wolf is a sexual symbol?
    In the interpretations of Freud. Or a deep fear?
    Or both taken together?

  7. A special limited USB edition package? Already have the original PC version (plus pondering getting the Mac edition just as it’s a different design, not that I have a Mac) but if this is substantially filled with goodies (everything ToT to date?) I could see me buying this as well.

  8. In the game the wolf is the reason of the girl’s death. But not without a reason you chose to place the fairy tale about Little Red Riding Hood in your game. I also wanted to know why you are attracted to this medieval story. What means “wolf” for you?

  9. We are attracted to fairy tales in general because they have been the companions of humankind for centuries. While they keep changing and adapting to their present environment, they also carry with them treasures for the past.

    It’s not so relevant what the Wolf means to us. What’s important is what you, as a player, make of it.

    To me, personally, the Wolf represents desire, a longing for fulfilment. As such it is a dangerous presence because engaging with it will destroy the life you knew until then. So most of the time, we steer clear of such events, we stay on the path. But sometimes, maybe when we feel weak and alone, when we have almost given up, we give in. Sometimes we may actively seek out our Wolf. Out of naivete or self-destruction.

  10. While celebrating the birthday of these cute, innocent, beautiful, er…, late girls, we must ask an important question: what a bloody pervert forced or lured them out of that safe, sunny path?!

  11. Am I the only suspect? (I noticed you gave me a blessing of doubt; as kind of you as ever, Michelangelo :)). I think this game founded a brand new meaning to the term “mass murder”. :)

  12. I was just teasing and I bet you knew it. But still you thought it necessary to take defensive position against this simplistic reading of “The Path” as ‘murder and rape’ story that bothered you at the release stage (which is understandable: if your game got this tag it would ruin its reception and sales, and it could damage ToT reputation as well). You have won this battle! Now perhaps you will face a new danger – of being classified as so sublime and refined that you will not be able to meet the expectations – but that is another story.

    And obviously your six pack is simply nothing compared both to an average computer game in which kills go in hundreds and to an average old-fashioned (that means before they got castrated ad usum Delphini) fairy tale.

  13. I was only pretending to be defensive. I think fairy tales are far more potent than most videogames. The difference is simply that most videogames are just games: they are systems that you interact with. It doesn’t matter whether the elements in those systems are represented as cubes or zombies. But in our work, we taken representation seriously. The Path really is about these girls. They are not just there to visualize a system. As a result their deaths are a lot harder to trivialize than in other games.

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