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Happy new year to all who may be reading our blog! Thank you for your thoughts and comments, here and in the forums, over the last year! And big love to all who play The Endless Forest, you’ve made it a wonderful adventure to work on and play in!

An 8 themed card for 2008. I’m hoping that this will be a portend, may we get that project back on track this year!

8 showing at the E3 IndieCade

We are pleased to announce that our first game “8”, that is the demo of our unfinished game (the one shown in the 3rd part of this video, to be exact) is currently playable as part of the IndieCade: Indie Games Showcase taking place during the E3 expo now through July 13th.

We are really hoping to go back to this game and make it once and for all. I can’t help but think that it would make a perfect Wii game! So, heres to wishful thinking, and sleeping beauties.

They also wrote a feature on us: you can read that here.

From the “8” archives…

Taking you back to 2003. Dug up this video on the file server the other day of an effect we wanted to develop for our fairy tale adventure game “8.” The wicked fairy is masquerading as an obsidian thorn plant; growing everywhere destroying the palace. When the little girl sees the beautiful flowers she’s curious and gets closer. As she walks away the flowers turn into more thorn branches and reach out for her (never quite catching her though.)

I always loved the idea, and it was a fun effect to play around with in the prototype <[;-) I hope we can make it for real someday.