Interview with Fuco Ueda

Fuco UedaIn April 2009, we had the honor of interviewing Japanese artist Fuco Ueda, thanks to Miss Ellie Nagata’s kind offer to translate. Miss Ueda’s work has been a great source of inspiration and strength when we were creating The Path, as her work also seems to deal with the pleasure and pain of being a girl. In a way, the Red Girls are some kind of estranged cousins of the skinny contemporary nymphs in the pictures by Fuco Ueda. So it’s only appropriate that it’s our girls who do the questioning in the interview.

Enjoy the short but sweet interview (English and Japanese)!

2 thoughts on “Interview with Fuco Ueda”

  1. Not surprised Fuco Ueda’s girls are linked to your work ^.^
    Her answers are very short and simple. Like hyper natural facts about her work. It’s a very good interview.

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