The Path Anniversaire, Jubiläum, Aniversario, etc: translations!

Thanks to the hard work of many volunteers, The Path has been translated in several languages. The following translations are available free of charge as a patch for the Windows version or automatically on Steam when you change your interface settings.

  • Danish translation by Tobias Kosmos and Nicklas Beck Jørgensen
  • Dutch translation by Michaël Samyn
  • French translation by Yann Cossiaux
  • German translation by Susanne Laws
  • Hungarian translation by Kiss Helga, Dékány Csilla and Ország Tibor
  • Italian translation by Matteo Sarnari
  • Portuguese translation by Bruno de Figueiredo
  • Romanian translation by Andra Andrei
  • Spanish translation by Ricardo Oyon

Once again, thanks to all the translators for putting so much effort into making The Path more accessible.

The language patch for The Path is a continuous project. We are working on more translations and will release them in an updated version of the patch as they get finished.