VELOCITY Festival of Digital Culture

The Endless Forest will be installed at Carnforth railway station in the UK from 11th October – 3rd November 2007 as part of the VELOCITY festival taking place in Lancaster, UK and other parts along a train route of fun and mystery. We cannot come to the show physically but we’ll be introducing new attractions and activities to The Forest throughout the duration of the show culminating in a spooky finale on Halloween. From the description we were sent, here’s what one can expect:

“…a simple installation in the high vaulted Midland & Furness Hall of the station. Visitors will have to pass through a heavy velvet curtain to enter the space and I’m keen that that this feels just right. The lighting in the hall will mimic the dappled quality of sun or moon light through trees, and there will be a good sound system installed. The piece will be projected onto a screen approx 8’x10′ that will be built especially. Visitors will be able to stand up against the screen which will be floor mounted. The digital projector will be contained within a plinth in the centre of the space with a trackball mouse mounted on the top surface for them to engage with the game. There will of course be a high speed internet connection…

As we build towards Halloween a further physical element will be introduced, 1,000 tiny LED fireflies in the vault above the visitor’s head that will respond to the presence of electomagnetic forces (mobile phones) and the sound of the express trains from London to Glasgow that periodically pass the windows of the hall at great speed! They will live for just 24 hours.”

coolness! If you’re in the UK and interested in taking the train ride more info can be found at their web site.

Also our trailer for The Path will be projected during their Halloween film night. Related to that, it is our understanding that children from the Dukes Youth Arts Center have written little stage play based on The Path’s scenario which will receive it’s premiere from ten minutes before to ten minutes after midnight on Halloween…. ! …. that should be interesting, I’m hoping they put a video of it on YouTube! 😀