Our first app… coming soon!


Today we’ve submitted our first app for iPhone/iPod touch to the Apple app store for approval! Excitement!!

It is called Vanitas.

Vanitas has been commissioned for The Art History of Games, a public symposium which is taking place February 4th-6th, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, at the High Museum of Art. Where we will be attending and speaking among good company. We are one of 3 developers selected to make something on occasion of the event. The other two being Jason Rohrer and Eric Zimmerman. All 3 projects will be at a special exhibition at the Kai Lin Gallery during the conference and for a month afterwards. We’re planning something special for the gallery … 😉

Vanitas is not a game. Hopefully the approval process won’t get complicated. It should be available in time for the exhibition opening, then you can find what its all about!

13 thoughts on “Our first app… coming soon!”

  1. Hey, we’re not going to stop making things for PC/Mac! No way. NotGames for Everybody!!! :)

    seriously we just had an opportunity through this commission to learn how to make things for this device. we figured it would be fun to do, and it was.

    We like these small projects.
    We hope that through this we are making something for another audience. We don’t wish that everybody had an iDevice… but lots of people do. (and if you get one, there we will be.)

  2. :O

    Not only that the symposium looks fantastic (just why is it at the end of the world?) but I’m sooo looking forward to your app, guys!!
    (and to new game of Jason Rohrer, tbh)

    iPhone really needs games that are something more than brainless entertainers :)

  3. Auriea and Michaël, I hope you can post a video some time in the future for us non-iThingamajig owners? I’m hating myself for having to miss this one already… so please ease (he-he) all this suffering 😉

  4. I think that making non-games is an involution of the media not an evolution, I just you guys best luck but keep in mind that art and emotions can actually marry real interactivity, you should be proud to call your software a “game” instead of trying to do NotGames just keeping interactivity at minimum

  5. hey Eclipse. We actually do think that interactivity is the most important thing. We’ve been committed to it for over 15 years. But we don’t think that games are the only example of ‘real’ interactivity. (whatever real means in what you are saying.) Think of what you are doing when you interact with a game. is it interactive? can something interact with you on an emotional level? is that not also interactivity? It is a large subject. And I think Chris Crawford had the best definition of what ‘interactivity’ means. But how one interprets that… that can make all the difference. All we ask is for experimentation with the definitions. It is about broadening what games can be not about limiting anything.

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