The Path Anniversary: postmortem 2

Red Girls models for The Path

The second part of our postmortem of The Path is written mostly by Auriea and explains the design process that went into the game. From the uncertainty at the start of the project, over mixed experiences with collaborators, the inspiration of glitches and the importance of prototyping, to our ideas about 3D aesthetics and dealing with personal emotions in videogames. Illustrated with work-in-progress sketches and screenshots.


2 thoughts on “The Path Anniversary: postmortem 2”

  1. “No, the wolves need to be ordinary thus to raise a question in the player’s mind about who is exactly in control of the encounters in the forest. We made up stories about each one of these characters, how and why they need each other and what that meeting does to the endgame.”

    Ooo, I can’t wait to hear this.

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