Going underground

We’re embarking on a new project today. Two new projects, actually. It’s an experiment. Instead of working on them in sequence, we’ll work on one one month, then on the other the next. The idea is to increase the development time of both. Because we’ve experienced that not working on something and just allowing it to grow over time, makes it a big difference.

Over the next 18 months, we will be prototyping two new largish games. None of this work will be published. And even after the prototyping phase, it will take some time before we bring the projects to production and release. So it’s going to be quiet around here for quite a while.

That doesn’t mean we will disappear completely. While working on the prototypes, we will be doing a few small projects too, and we may release some things related to the old projects.

13 thoughts on “Going underground”

  1. Be careful. I find that trying to do something like that can result in a flurry of ideas for the project you’re not working on that vanish as soon as you return to it. A spare notepad is your friend!

  2. Probably off-topic, but I wonder what you think of Heavy Rain. Actually, I thought you’d do a post on it.

  3. This is very disheartening- I always like to read what yall post. I know you’re not going to go away, but this is a rare occasion in which I just despise the idea of having to wait.

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