Vanitas. analog.

So we took The Very Broken iPhone. (It was broken when we received it. a gift. made sure it was *really* broken myself, with a very big hammer.)

there was made an octagonal table. Michael spent quite some time making the matching octagonal radiation on the floor.

We created within a physical representation of the contents of the game. A little bird skull, dice, a tarot card, a twig from a tree, a key, dead leaves, a tooth, a shell, etc., and lots and lots of ladybugs. All under glass.

added 4 iPods. and then came the people.

see the whole set here

For all our nervousness it all went quite well. Surprisingly so. I think it created a nice environment for people to view Vanitas. It was exciting and fun to be able to watch so many people interact!

Thanks to:
* Wolfgang Wozniak for the Very Broken iPhone.
* E.K. Huckaby for his kind, indispensable assistance.
* Lord Whimsy for his good advice.
* whoever made the table, we give thanks.

This and all the other games made for The Art History of Games exhibition at Kai Lin Art in Atlanta, GA will be up and playable until March 2nd.

7 thoughts on “Vanitas. analog.”

  1. a friend got them for us. from a place that sells them for use in garden pest control, i believe. though he may have even ordered them online… he showed us a site where they sell insects for use in school biology classes and such. Believe It, Or Not!

  2. Oh my! I wish I would have been there! I love the game, it is so simple yet peaceful and addicting. A small treasure on my iPhone. I adore it. <3

    And I don't wonder about ladybugs this time of the year, I have plenty of them ALL THE TIME in front of my window or, as soon as I open it, in my room. They're getting really annoying when you have ten of them flying around like crazy or sitting on the ground and when you accidentally step on them… Blergh.
    Sorry for rambling. ^^; All I'm wanting to say is: Good job on this game, I love ToT's work and this one is definitely another masterpiece!

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