The Game Developers Conference starts today!

And we are not there. :)

Instead, we are at home, working on a new project. A project that doesn’t have a name yet. You can follow what we’re doing on Tumblr where we post some of the reference material that we’re collecting to inspire and inform the design.


We can’t say much about this project yet. Because we don’t know what it will become yet. We have a basic idea but that can still change. It has something to do with flowers, and with locks, and with diagrams of the universe, and with sex. It’s very different from any game we’ve made so far. There’s no story at its basis. There’s no characters. And it might even feel like an actual game -though we’re definitely applying the notgames dogma to this one.

We’ve also done something unusual with the design method. Auriea and I have split up. The new project consists of two very different parts. Auriea is designing one and I am designing the other. And then we’ll bring the two together.

The current phase is a prototyping phase that will run on and off until some time next year. This phase is supported by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund.

To all our friends at GDC: enjoy the event! :)

21 thoughts on “The Game Developers Conference starts today!”

  1. Sounds very interesting. Looking forward to it.

    The split-up work method is interesting. Are you both working on the same theme and don’t know how the other will interpret it or have you divided it between you?

  2. The function of each part in the structure of the game is fairly well defined. So we each work on our own part (but we do communicate about it; there’s no secrets). The reference material for each is different but there is a formal and probably also a symbolic connection that we hope will be interesting when putting the two together.

    Another reason for working apart is gender. In a way, Auriea is working in a feminine way on typically masculine subject matter, while I’m working in a masculine way on typically feminine subject matter. We will meet in the game.

  3. Looks really interesting, but I hope you guys stay away from absolute abstraction. Also, is the project going to be in 3D, or are you not ready to divulge that information yet? Anyway, I’m sure you’ll pull it off as you normally do. Good luck!

  4. We’re not interested in abstraction. I’m not even sure if abstraction really exists.
    And 3D is what we default too. We always think in terms of space first. But there could be 2D elements as well. Whatever seems more suitable.

  5. As all of your past projects, this one seems (again) very interesting!

    Maybe it doesn’t help at all but I feel that some of the last reference images that you post remind me a little bit of the Dalì Universal Tarot…maybe it could be a path. hu hu.

  6. Flowers are quite literally the sex organs of a plant. It’s actually surprising that their aesthetics also cause sexual connotations in our human mind. Makes you wonder about the connections between our species.

  7. hello from your former secret exit booth neighbour–asked jani if you and Auriea were here this year, and when he didn’t know, hopped over to your blog to see.

    sad that i won’t see the two of you this year, as it may be my last GDC (but then again, who knows, right? just because i will be living in the himalayas doesn’t mean that i can’t come for GDC every few years, hrm…), but am glad to hear that you’re working on something new. take care, and happy game developing!

  8. oh, i would love to show the two of you around Bhutan! i have to say that, after a few days back in the SF Bay Area, i really don’t miss my life here much. very happy in the Himalayas! i’ve followed you on tumblr so i’ll be more properly in the loop now, and i’ve photos on there from Bhutan and such.

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