Photo post: Towards an Art History of Games

Various photos of presentations at the symposium. This is a flickr slideshow, if you fullscreen it and choose ‘Show Info’ (top right) you can read context and commentary on each image.

a few personal highlights of the symposium:
* listening to John Romero describe the design choices which lead to the invention of ASWD camera navigation.
* Brenda Brathwaite’s moving confessions of her design process, all that she puts into it and the way game design effects and expresses life.
* And playing her game, Train, at the gallery.
* Jason Rohrer describing how he came to the design of his game “Sleep is Death” and how it grew from a desire to communicate stories that defied telling through words alone.
* Hearing Christiane Paul talk about net artists in the context of art game history.

And finally, yes, there exists a photo of us standing next to John Romero. Amazing!
(yes, we know, we look silly. should have smiled. it was a pretty fun evening though. :))

3 audiences

2009-04-19 at 14-23-03

the audience gathering for the panel discussion we participated in at the Imagine Film Festival, Amsterdam. The discussion was about games and cinema and story, games vs. cinema vs. story… etc.

2009-05-12 at 19-36-22

the audience at our presentation during Happy Front End in the Merz Academy, Stuttgart. A presentation of all our games to the interested students there. At the invitation of professor Olia Lialina.

2009-05-28 at 17-05-52

the audience at the book launch today of The Place of Play, Amsterdam. We were invited by the author our friend Maaike Lauwaert to discuss The Endless Forest and how our interaction with the community has shaped the game’s evolution.