“Making of Fatale” interview

The ever eloquent Bruno de Figueiredo picked our brains when we were working on Fatale and has now published the result with a bunch of work-in-progress pictures. Enjoy!

To a large extent, FATALE is about looking. We follow Wilde’s version of the story in this. You start as John the Baptist in a situation where you’re being looked at – by Salome – against your will. Then because of the looking of another person – King Herod at Salome – you are put to death. And finally you meet Salome who claims that if you would have looked at her, you would have loved her. And, presumably, none of this would have happened.

8 thoughts on ““Making of Fatale” interview”

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I’m glad to hear that you might be going somewhere with 8 again. And of course I’m curious to see what you end up doing on the iPhone. :)

    Someday when I have a computer that can run 3D games, I will play Salome… :p

  2. Personally, as a great fan of Ceremony of Innocence, I want to see how your joint venture with Alex Mayhew goes. Don’t tell me you’re doing the Morning Star Trilogy?

  3. Oh Sato’s concept art, what a treat! (the second one of Salome links to the wrong picture btw.) I’m going to read the whole interview when there’s more time. :)

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