The truth

The world is flat. The sun turns around it. The clouds too. Sometimes the clouds float behind the sun, sometimes in front of it. The sun is afraid of the moon. The moon brings darkness.

17 thoughts on “The truth”

  1. Why do you think he dropped dead, just Helios’ way of telling us to back of! And if Daedalus was so smart, why didn’t he think of that? (flying by night)

    ps. You forgot about the ladybugs 😛

  2. Luna does not bring darkness. She is the only thing stopping darkness from overtaking the world. Darkness is only around if Luna disappears.

  3. Well then, guess I better not sail too far out then…

    Hey wait… you’re not about to tell me next that the world is actually sitting on top of four giant elephants who ride ontop of a HUGE turtle in space are you?

  4. Hm… Me like :)

    But, if the moon brings darkness, why does it shine so bright when it’s full? Or is the darkness around that globe the moon, and the thing we know as ‘the moon’ is actually the shadow of the sun, guiding us in the darkness of the ‘real moon’?

  5. I feel worthless being confronted with this kind of overwhelmingly complex thoughts :(

    I wish I were you!

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