Phase Three of The Endless Forest is open!

After a few months of intense beta-testing with the players (read: messing around with strange bugs that make your deer do silly things), Phase Three of The Endless Forest has now been declared officially open!

The Endless Forest Phase Three: Fawn & Stag

Be a fawn in an entirely new area with birch trees and cycamores. Or collect blue tits and red breasts on your antlers and play hide and seek among a bunch of large boulders.

Download the new client now!

It’s free!

Phase Three was made with the latest version of Quest3D and contains all new animation blending and forest rendering, making the application faster, require less memory and the download even smaller than Phase Two.

3 thoughts on “Phase Three of The Endless Forest is open!”

  1. Congrats to you both! I’ve recently had to taint some hardware for a project I’m working on, so I was able to download and wander around a bit this morning. I’m going to have to dig up my old account info and spend some more time in the forest.

  2. Hi,this looks very interesting and I want to play it but I can’t.I had to buy a mac computer for school and therefore I can’t play TEF: Phase 3. Would it be possible to make a mac version?

  3. The Endless Forest runs great on our MacBook Pro and iMac. It was simply a matter of installing Bootcamp and a seperate Windows partition. Two computers for the price of one. 😉

    Other than that, we are constantly experimenting with running the game within OSX. We’re getting close…

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