The Path Soundtrack is coming in April

The life of a working musician is even busier and crazier than that of a game developer! (^_^)
Jarboe and Kris Force have been working on extended versions of songs that they made for The Path off and on for a year. All the while Jarboe has been touring practically non-stop and Kris has been balancing sound design for commercial productions and playing in her band and other collaborations.

All their work and all your waiting will pay off next month when the waiting will be -over! We are finalizing things so we don’t want to say too much… BUT What we can say is that The Path original soundtrack album will be published by UK label Paradigms Recordings in April 2010. There will be a specially packaged CD and t-shirt to be had. And we will figure out the best way to sell the album digitally, because we know a lot of you want that.

The tracks are named after the Wolves. This will not be your typical game soundtrack album. And it will blow your mind + possibly your speakers.
Needless to say, more details coming soon!

16 thoughts on “The Path Soundtrack is coming in April”

  1. What! That’s excellent!

    Also I have no idea how the wolves’ gallery snuck by me, but it did.

    Very excited.

  2. I’m going to be looking forwards to this a LOT (:
    It’ll be amazing. Will the commercial version (with the t-shirt!) be coming to Canada?

  3. All I can say is… oh yeah! I just started playing through The Path again a couple of days ago and I thought: wouldn’t it be great if these ladies adapted that score for an album?

    Well, there you have it!

  4. Hi Path developers,
    I bought a copy of the PATH yesterday on the UK the company distributing your game .
    My Query : Seem to have a problem launching the game .

    Can you help ?

    I have a problem launching PATH
    The onscreen message reads


    HF: 127 OKHZ

    VF:241 OHZ

    HF:30 –70KHZ


    I can hear the sound ..I think its related to the image .Please Help !


    GAMESPLANET.COM aftersales service ..their response –
    “Thank you for contacting the Gamesplanet customer service”

    “In response to your query sent on 25 March 2010, please find below the requested information.”

    ” We are very sorry but we cannot help you further with this matter, as we here at Gamesplanet only provide the buy&download service and can help if you have problems purchasing, downloading or activating the game. ”

    “You should turn this matter to Tale of Tales, as they are better qualified to answer questions on game, gameplay or other such issues. ”

    “Please go to:
    Ps. Please do not publish my email thank-you .

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