8 showing at the E3 IndieCade

We are pleased to announce that our first game “8”, that is the demo of our unfinished game (the one shown in the 3rd part of this video, to be exact) is currently playable as part of the IndieCade: Indie Games Showcase taking place during the E3 expo now through July 13th.

We are really hoping to go back to this game and make it once and for all. I can’t help but think that it would make a perfect Wii game! So, heres to wishful thinking, and sleeping beauties.

They also wrote a feature on us: you can read that here.

Exhibition: The Limits of Nature

The Endless Forest will be a part of exhibition Els límits de la natura (The Limits of Nature) at Centre d’Art la Panera in Lleida, Spain from 5 July to 30 September 2007.
The site is in Catalan and Spanish but if you cannot understand the language, I give you, from an email conversation, the exhibition theme, according to the organizors:

With this exhibition we would like to show four works related with nature. The relation is different in every work. Our intention is to show people the importance to take care of the environment and how from digital arts some programmers like you developed alternative video games which could help us to be more aware of the problems of our world. I like your work because you can keep in touch with other people in a natural and magic space. You can experience nice and wonderful experiencies playing it.

yes, then. :)

Other included works:
Jason Rohrer, Cultivation, 2006
Game about community of gardeners growing food for themselves in a shared space.

Playerthree, Stop Disasters
A disaster simulation game. You have to plan and construct a safer environment to help the population. You have to battle against tsunamis, earthquaques, floods and fires.

Molleindustria, The McDonald’s Videogame, 2006
Extreme exploitation of natural resources in order to feed a lot of cows. And also you can realize the suffering of the cows in the farms.

Exhibition: Gameworld at Laboral Centro de Arte, Spain

The Endless Forest has been selected as part in the inagural exhibition of Laboral Centro de Arte in Gijon, Spain. The show runs from 30 March 2007 – 30 June 2007. It is curated by Carl Goodman from the Museum of the Moving Image and Daphne Dragona who was a curator for the Mediaterra Festival, that we so enjoyed last summer!

From the Laboral website about Gameworld:

Gameworld explores video games as an art form and presents contemporary art related to video games. Via these dual lines of investigation, the exhibition explores video and computer games as entertainment, art form, agent of innovation, and cultural force.

Johnathan Blow posted a list of participating games over on his Braid blog. I wish cultural institutions would do a better job of documenting the intersections they have with games in specific and new media art in general. I can imagine that most of you cannot make it to Gijon to see the show, so it would be nice to have more of an overview of such an important cultural event online. After all, these places spend quite alot of money just to put the show together, may as well document it, right?

Even we are unable to make it to the opening. We hope there will be a moment for an ABIOGENESIS performance specifically for the show. But we plan to be live online tonight during the opening, making mischief in The Endless Forest gameworld… Maybe we’ll see you there!

Tale of Tales at GDC 2007

We will be visiting the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco from 5 to 9 March. It was a last minute decision. The Benelux Game Initative is offering us some space in their booth (5310 NH) where we’ll be showing The Endless Forest and the first teaser for our new project, The Path (formerly 144). It’s likely that we will mostly be roaming around, attending lectures and hanging out. So if you want to meet us, please email us, preferably in advance.


On March 8, Patrick Dugan will be presenting a poster session entitled “First-Generation Drama Engines”, featuring, amongst others, Drama Princess.

Exhibition: Night Garden, Mediamatic, Amsterdam

The Endless Forest will be featured in the Night Garden, an exhibition in the form of a sub-technical indoor garden, links new technology, next nature, contemporary art and its consumption.

Night Garden will be at Mediamatic in Amsterdam from 3 November 2006 to 7 January 2007.

Other participating artists include Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau, Felix Hess, Mateuz Herczka, Ralf Schreiber & Christian Faubel, Debra Solomon and Petra Blaisse.

We’ll be attending the opening so soon as we have images from the show we’ll post them in the forum.

Also, the next day, at the occasion of Museumnacht in Amsterdam, we’ll be performing about 4 hours of ABIOGENESIS in the Forest on Saturday 4 November between 7.30 and 11.30 in the evening. Don’t expect as intense a performance as usual, but more of an ongoing stream of little fun things happening once in a while.

Exhibition: Mediaterra, Athens

The Endless Forest was featured as an installation at Mediaterra a festival of Art and Technology, October 4-8th, in Athens, Greece. This year their focus was on alternative games.

During the festival we also had the opportunity to present our Realtime Art Manifesto, a provocative set of guidelines for artists and game designers. Much of our philosophy on how we use the Realtime 3d medium has been developed during the making of The Endless Forest. We are pleased to be able to discuss these ideas publicly.

Exhibition: Pixel Me, Belgium

Welcome some new players into the forest… the Fawns are here! For this traveling art exhibition for young teenagers we have created fawn avatars to represent the players at the physical locations where The Endless Forest will be played on special gaming consoles. Pixel Me features The Endless Forest next to works by Wim Delvoye, Pina Bausch and Chantal Akerman, Guy Rombouts, etc.

If you are in Belgium the show runs from October 2006 to November 2008 and it will be stopping in cultural centers across the country. Check the wonderful Pixel Me website for details!

If you want to see the new additions to the game for yourself you’ll need to download and install the latest beta of The Endless Forest version 2.1.