Exhibition: The Limits of Nature

The Endless Forest will be a part of exhibition Els límits de la natura (The Limits of Nature) at Centre d’Art la Panera in Lleida, Spain from 5 July to 30 September 2007.
The site is in Catalan and Spanish but if you cannot understand the language, I give you, from an email conversation, the exhibition theme, according to the organizors:

With this exhibition we would like to show four works related with nature. The relation is different in every work. Our intention is to show people the importance to take care of the environment and how from digital arts some programmers like you developed alternative video games which could help us to be more aware of the problems of our world. I like your work because you can keep in touch with other people in a natural and magic space. You can experience nice and wonderful experiencies playing it.

yes, then. :)

Other included works:
Jason Rohrer, Cultivation, 2006
Game about community of gardeners growing food for themselves in a shared space.

Playerthree, Stop Disasters
A disaster simulation game. You have to plan and construct a safer environment to help the population. You have to battle against tsunamis, earthquaques, floods and fires.

Molleindustria, The McDonald’s Videogame, 2006
Extreme exploitation of natural resources in order to feed a lot of cows. And also you can realize the suffering of the cows in the farms.