Introducing: Carmen!

We have finished Carmen, the second character that you will be able to play in The Path. There’s six in total: the Red Girls. Robin was the first to be revealed. And now we see one of the older sisters: Carmen.

Seventeen. A glorious age for a girl. Having left her childhood body behind, she enjoys parading the new Carmen. She is fully aware of the heads that turn when she passes by. She’ll give them a little bit extra to look at too. A shake of the hips. A wink of the eye. But no more.
Carmen may fancy herself a femme fatale. But inside she knows that all she wants is a little bit of attention. From a strong, warm and handsome man, perhaps. Who can keep her safe. Hold her tight. With a strength that approaches violence. He doesn’t need to be as wild as she is, but it wouldn’t hurt.

There’s new pictures on the homepage, portraits in the gallery and a new wallpaper for your desktop.

Just like Robin, Carmen is keeping a journal where she will be talking about her life as a young woman. A life that just got interesting. A life that is about to end.

We are also posting pictures of the “making of” process of Carmen on the development blog.

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