The Making of Carmen

August 22nd, 2008 by Auriea

Who is your hero, Dolores Haze?
Still one of those blue-caped star-men?
Oh the balmy days and the palmy bays,
And the cars, and the bars, my Carmen!

by Humbert Humbert, literary wolf.

Introducing Carmen!
What can I say about Carmen… In contrast to Robin, she has been nothing but trouble. We wanted to show her to you now, just so you don’t think the Red Girls are all sweetness and light. The original party girl, when she’s not breaking curfew she’s giving me fits trying to get her topology correct… not sure I ever got it correct, her curves were dangerous, even to me.

sexy_body_ref Picture 1 5. Sexy Red-concept (17) screenshot_622 screenshot_767

While all the characters were heavily inspired by doll designs, she was perhaps the most evidently so. I based her silhouette absolutely on images of dolls that I found. Sketched out a design for her. I actually had to model her twice, as after her first version I was advised that the way I’d done her shoulders, knees and elbows would never deform correctly during animation. So I rebuilt her… funny how making something that everyone makes, a sexy girl in 3d, gives me the most trouble… typical, for me anyway.

Beauty may be more than skin deep but I think she turned out pretty well for a shell. See her with her make-up on in the gallery and on our flickr page and don’t forget the exclusive wallpaper for your computer desktop in the downloads section.

15 Responses to “The Making of Carmen”

  1. Kyrstin

    I’m so excited to read more about her!

  2. Congratulations, yet again. It’s good to see so much diversity in the design of the characters, and Carmen surely looks different from Robin. Five characters to go, still a long path to cross…!

  3. Then, of course, theres the obvious association…

  4. What a memorable recording by Karajan. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ooh, I might be copying that other person, but this is totally my own thoughts:

    OMIGOSH I’m super excited!! Usually I’m not like that into video games (stereotypical skinny unpopular prep girl) but i totally love this!! :]

    Can’t wait for all the characters to be done!! They all look so cool!!

    I’m Cheering for ya!! :]

  6. Is that doll by a Japanese artist? I once came across the Web site of one who made dolls like that, of which that might be one (they’ve also made some horned centaurs), but unfortunately lost the bookmark since then. :( Or I might well still have the site bookmarked but can’t tell which one it is, as the title is in Japanese…

  7. Well one can find these types of dolls all over. The ones I was looking at most were made by a Korean company. I actually think it would be nice if we could get them to make doll versions of all the Red sisters :) That would be so much fun!
    Too many plans!

  8. Purple highlights! 8D Go go purple girl!

    …man, when I play this, I don’t want to kill her off. I suppose it’s all part of this… ;.;

  9. (I’m Russian)

    I’ve noticed that every girl in game have a name associated with Red Color, but name “Carmen” doen’t have that link… Or I don’t guess how her name associated with red..? Can someone explain me..?

    PS – Sorry 4 bad engl.. \=

  10. ArcAntarel, her name is a reference to the colour called “carmine”.

  11. Also, in the Opera “Carmen” the main character is often portrayed wearing a red dress and dancing with a red rose.

  12. ha,. found this again. another reference img for Carmen’s hair. don’t think i ever posted it anywhere.

  13. Abigail the Blind

    We all have a little Carmen in us :)

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