Introducing: Robin!

The Path will feature six playable characters. Each represents Little Red Ridinghood in some way. They are sisters. We call them the Red Girls. Over the course of the following months we will be revealing each of them, as we finalize their textures. The first in this fortnightly series is Robin.

Robin is about nine years old. A very lively child. She loves playing in the forest. Only on the path, of course. Mother tells her to never go into the woods. She never says why. Robin thinks there may by fun things to play with in the forest. She sometimes hears the creaking sounds of what seems to be a swing! Or the howl of a wolf in the distance! Robin likes wolves. They are her favourite kind of animal!

Of course it will all end in tears.

While we are continuing production, Robin will be sharing the remainder of her young life in her very own Livejournal.

In the meantime check out the pretty new pictures in the gallery and download the brand new Robin desktop wallpaper! And if you’re really curious, take a peak at the development blog.

18 thoughts on “Introducing: Robin!”

  1. Very nice. She tends to be close to the “official” design of red riding hood. Is it wanted?
    It’s fun to see the reaction of people on Livejournal. They don’t now it’s a fake and I think I’m going to love they’re reactions with the future entries, who i hope, will be more horrific…

  2. Yes, she is the sister who resembles the traditional Red Ridinghood the most. That’s quite on purpose. :)
    She’s not as “nice” as traditional Red Ridinghoods and a lot more playful in the game. She is the youngest of the six. They’re all very different.

    I wonder if anyone on Livejournal will be fooled…

  3. Doing the live journal makes me wonder about an interactive art idea i was discussing with a friend, whether or not a blog that imitates blogs and humanity from a non-real person could be considered art? Nice to see something similar with this.

  4. I love how this game is turning out. I’m usually uncomfortable with horror games, but this is promising to be so interesting I’m going to have to try it and just not sleep for a few nights.

    What’s the impact in choosing different little reds to explore the game world with? Or is that a question we’ll see more answers to as you introduce them?

  5. Vienaragis, The Path is mostly about psychological tension and hardly about gore or scares. Maybe that helps? (or makes it worse… 😉 ) The different Red Girls have different personalities which makes you experience the game world in a different way. And they’re interested in different things so there’s different interactions for each.

    Zeppman217, it will cost the same as other games of similar size.

  6. Actually my answer would have been: We won’t know until we can play-test it all the way through. It may be that people take their time and play for significantly longer or shorter.

    I think we will charge based on how much we think it is worth and how much the market seems to expect/allow… not by how many hours it takes to finish, which is kind of a brain-dead metric when you think about it.

  7. I’m enjoying the little ARG you guys made on Livejournal. I didn’t recognize until i looked around how much you’ve done :-).

  8. Yeah, I’m enjoying being able to figure out the story of what’s going on by reading the comments.

    It reminds me of how i figured out about the infidelity of a man at my church through a myspace blog…

  9. “Vienaragis, The Path is mostly about psychological tension and hardly about gore or scares. Maybe that helps? (or makes it worse… 😉 )”

    Oh, it makes it worse, but in an awesome way. 😉 It’s mostly the gore and jumping-out-at-you things that make me uncomfortable. Fear can be enjoyable, and The Path sounds like it’s got the right kind.

    I definitely look forward to seeing more of the girls.

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