The Path is cheaper here!

On both Direct2Drive and Steam you can now purchase The Path at a higher price than normal!

To compensate for your trouble, Direct2Drive is throwing in 4 other indie games (Defense Grid: The Awakening, Democracy 2, Zeno Clash and Cogs). They call this the Best of Indie Bundle and charge 17.75 US Dollars for it. But you can buy The Path for 7.76 Dollars less right here!

Steam is doing a similar -if not even more spectacular- stunt by offering a choice of two bundles, each including The Path, and one more expensive than the other! At Steam you can pay up to 29.99 Euros for The Path (or US Dollars if you are so unfortunate as to live in the Home of the Brave). You do have to accept the 9 other indie games they add to the bundle (Audiosurf, Everyday Shooter, Blueberry Garden, Braid, Crayon Physics Deluxe, Gish, Mr. Robot, Darwinia and World of Goo). If you’re worried whether your hard disk can take all that, you could settle for the 19.99 version of The Path (and only get Everyday Shooter, Blueberry Garden, Braid and World of Goo extra). Steam considers these to be Top Indie Games but remember that The Path is much cheaper here. Only 9.99 weak American Dollars!

So grab your chance to pay more for The Path now! It’s a limited time offer!

Seriously, for those who worry about our well being, we totally approve of these discounts. We only get a fraction of the share that we usually get per sold copy. But the theory is that you sell so many more copies that you end up making more money than if you were selling at the normal price. And so far, this does indeed seem to be the case. I guess this means that there’s a lot of cheapskate gamers. But on the other hand, our work gets exposed to a lot of people who had never considered purchasing it. And perhaps they end up appreciating it anyway. So, its a good thing!

11 thoughts on “The Path is cheaper here!”

  1. Great deals, especially the large pack on Steam.
    I already own a lot of the games in the pack (including The Path, which I bought directly from you guys, mind you) but I’m just about to buy it anyway for those I don’t own yet. I’ll send the extra copies to less fortunate friends.

  2. Just a small warning to potential Steam customers. I just bought the large Indie Pack despite owning a few of the games already. I expected to see extra gift copies for the games I already had so I could spread the joy to friends who think indie games are lame.
    No such luck. You DO NOT get any gift copies for games you already own. Chances are the pack is still a great deal for all the games you don’t own, but since I would have preferred to be warned before hitting that Pay button, I’m passing along this warning to you.

  3. Steam generally doesn’t let packages of multiple games give you gift copies to give away, unless they specifically say otherwise. Ive been in this boat before. They do talk about it on the forums, and you can find the information pretty easily, but they need to do a better job of advertising, especially for the impulse buyers. Basically, with these packages, there selling it cheaply enough that it doesn’t make sense to put forth the extra effort to pass a game subscription between multiple accounts. The exceptions ive seen have been gift copies of games in the Orange Box you already own (Since your already saving 55 bucks buying the Orange Box, opposed to buying them individually, and because of that they scrapped the idea of offering a bundle with just the new content they were just barely releasing) and a gift copy of Shadowgrounds when I got it both as a bonus for buying, “Trine” and a giant pack of games that included Shadowgrounds (I assume because Shadowgrounds was there to encourage pre-purchase of Trine, but a lot of people were buying the giant game pack that already included Shadowgrounds, so it was worth the extra effort for them to offer the gift and encourage early sales). But generally, the wasted copy is far outweighed by the discount of the package. If your interested different sorts of games, both these packs are pretty incredible. Gish and Mr. Robot both seem kind of dull, and Blueberry Garden is overrated (Though not bad), but the rest of the games are must try’s.

    Also, its good to know that packages like this do benefit indie game developers. As a consumer, I couldn’t imagine going to any method of content delivery besides Steam, but I always worried that it would hurt the amazing up-and-comers by cutting them out of profit. I admit that I got The Path through Steam instead of directly, but I also was turned on to you guys through Steam, and try to spread the word.

  4. Oh, by the way…your cutting it very close to both insulting my home country, and a lot of amazing and innovative games, both of which I have great respect and admiration for. I can let it go…but be careful :)

  5. :> We are glad when ANYONE can get our sense of humor!

    (it’s my home country too – but damn the dollar is low on the euro right now!… it hurts, *ouch*)

  6. I got the humor, but it came close…almost too close…I’m kidding myself, mostly. To be honest, I’m probably more hurt by the insinuation that getting World of Goo is a burden, not to mention Braid, Everyday Shooter, and Crayon Physics. Make fun of America fine, but leave my goo balls alone :)

  7. you can still buy it for the same price on steam. $9.99. Of course, it’s better to buy it direct from you guys so that more money goes to the creators… but this article is misleading. It’s still the same price here AND on Steam

  8. Bought it! I wanted to offer The Path to a friend of mine and this was the perfect way to do so. So I’ve bought about 5 copies of The Path between my version and all my friend’s.

    Anything to help the cause, right?

  9. Finally! I bought The Path 😀 Through Steam though… I hope atleast some of the 7.90 euros goes to you guys :/ But if i would have had an opinion, i would have bought it through you. Since the scenario was again bribing my friends mother to buy it for me, i had no other choice.

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