4 thoughts on “Tales of Play, Adventures of the Unexpected”

  1. Sure wished Bill Viola could be represented there with The Night Journey… I’m desperate to play that one for a long time now. *fingers crossed*


    1. We played The Night Journey when we were judging Indiecade last year. It’s a fascinating thing. Not exactly fun or even engaging or clear, but somehow I spent several hours wandering around in it. It has a very strong and unique way of immersing the player. And it’s one of those few games that lingers in your mind a long time after you’ve played it. Like the memory of a dream.
      I wish it would just be released already so that everyone can see it.

  2. That wasn’t necessary. See, now I feel bad. Envious, even. I feel like John the Baptist in that Di Sano painting. And you’re the executioner with the scimitar! 😉

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