Japanese monkeys interview Tale of Tales

Videogames may be successful at the moment. But they have not penetrated in society the way that cinema, literature and music have. Games are still a marginal medium. They can remain so for a long time. Or they can disappear altogether (it has happened before). It would be a shame if this wonderful interactive technology would be limited to the current types of videogames, or disappear if videogames stop being successful.

The Japanese games blog ZillionMonkey has published an (English language) interview with us. Have a look.

9 thoughts on “Japanese monkeys interview Tale of Tales”

  1. “…on a project about a certain dancing girl who had a certain prophet beheaded. Oh wait, we’re actually already doing that!…*wink* secret project!”

    Not anymore! Too Google!

  2. I thought about your idea to make something else that games but it seems very difficult. You know, when you read a book, you know that you have to read 300 pages, when you watch a film, you know that the film will end in 90 minutes but in a virtual world where you don’t have to do anything, well… I don’t think lots of people were interested about it.

  3. Which is why we’re always saying that there is a lot of work to do. :)
    And perhaps, indeed, some of that work will need to be done by the player: they will need to learn the equivalent on turning pages and sitting and watching. But there is a lot we can do as creators as well. It is very difficult at the moment because it is all very new. But when we work hard and learn we will get there.

  4. We have a message for Japanese games developers and publishers. Don’t try to appeal to the West on purpose. We already love you. There’s no need to put more guns and explosions in your games for us. And don’t -don’t ever!- hire American studios to make games based on your horror IP!”

    Hear hear!

  5. @Dralem: That’s exactly what I love about the digital media. (medium?) It doesn’t have to end and you can take it in your own pace (like books, but not music or film).

    I’m checking out Kwaidan btw. :)

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