The Chien Andalou of games barks again

More press about The Path. Bring the Universal Translator online!

Wonderful things have been written about our game. In some beautiful and strange languages. And in English. Makes us glow with pride! Someone called The Path the “Un Chien Andalou” of computer games. Citizen Kane, move over! 😉 And we’ve heard somewhere that Tale of Tales is to indie games what indie games are to mainstream games. But I forgot where I read that. If you know, please let us know. It’s a great quote. :)

Alright. Let the spectacle commence!


Ve hře najdeme spoustu jednoduše geniálních nápadů, které nenásilným způsobem uvádí hráče do role spolutvůrce vlastního zážitku bez toho, aby musel na něco klikat, nebo cokoliv používat.

Michal Bayerl on Doupe


Det är deras sårbarhet som gör spelet så starkt. Det är här sex flickor, på väg genom barndomen och tonåren, som man möter under en kort stund. På väg genom livet.

Oskar Skog on Loading


The Path er ingen hyggelig opplevelse. Snarere tvert i mot. Det tar for seg noen av de verste temaene du kan tenke deg, og det gjør det på en måte som kan få deg til å føle deg skyldig og skitten.

Joachim Froholt on


The Path ist ein viel subtileres Horrorspiel, ohne Schockmomente, ohne gewalttätige Monster – es geht euch stattdessen viel lieber direkt vom Computerbildschirm unter die Haut.

Benedikt Wager on Gamers Plus


Nie mam co do tego żadnych wątpliwości. „The Path” (ang. ścieżka), autorskie dzieło Auriee Harvey i Michaëla Samyna ze studia Tale of Tales, będzie kiedyś postrzegane przez historyków interaktywnego wideo jako milowy krok w rozwoju tego medium. To, przy zachowaniu proporcji, „Pies andaluzyjski” gier komputerowych – utwór głęboko symboliczny, ekspresyjny, osadzony w poetyce sennych wizji, wykorzystujący nowatorskie techniki narracji.

Olaf Szewczyk in Dziennik



The Path is probably the best independent game ever made. And it’s one of the best adventure games, period, even when compared against the big boys. But it’s also an outstanding piece of non-linearinteractive narrative, which proves again that entertainment can legitimately doubleas art. Playing The Path is as rewarding as reading a literary novel.

Christopher Lim in The Business Times
(bolded by us, hey it’s our blog! ;p )

And English:

The artwork in The Path is exquisite and an example of how subtlety can be more effective than state-of-the-art-graphics.

Daniel Allen in Thirteen 1

Tale of Tales reminds us that we can encounter meaning even when we stray from the path of convention and explore the medium that is more expansive than we often recognize.

Jorge Albor on Experience Points

An interview for those who need to Know:

We never ever set out to make obscure or confusing work. We want our work to be pleasant, to make you feel good. It makes us feel good to play The Path and we know that many people feel the same. But other people are confused and weirded out by the game, sometimes even depressed. We’re a bit disappointed by that.

Interview with Dan Liebman on Dark Zero

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7 thoughts on “The Chien Andalou of games barks again”

  1. I love that you love the praise, but I’d say that if your work has a parallel in Cinema it had to be work of Jose Val del Olmar. Only you’ve become much more famous than he ever was, of course, because he died before this new age of information.

    I can’t get tired of these “more praise on The Path” sort of posts. Keep them coming!

  2. “Tale of Tales is to indie games what indie games are to mainstream games” sounds good till you start to figure out what it means. “The same, but cheaper and pretentious”? “A mockery”?

  3. I was boring and made fast translation from polish. I think it’s better than google translator:
    “There’s no doubt about that. „The Path”, work of Auriee Harvey and Michaël Samyn from Tale of Tales studio, someday will be interpreted by historians of interactive video as milestone in evolution of medium. This is, with all of proportions, „Un chien andalou” of video games – game deeply symbolical, expressive, set in dream vision poetics, using innovative techniques of narration.”

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