Reviews of The Path continued

Some more reviews, ponderings, daydreams and an interview about The Path.

This is one of the most interesting things you’ll see on a PC this year. […] More artists, and more game developers, should be this brave.

Jim Rossignol in PC Gamer UK

[As] a piece of interactive art – it’s a piece of software truly worth celebrating – and those that play it to the end will find something truly memorable, unlike so many games that are forgotten as soon as the end credits roll.

Alan Martin on AceGamez

Do not even try to fight against the pace, just surrender. If you’d never call a game “beautiful” or “touching”, probably it is too late for you to play The Path. Or maybe you are not ready yet.

Tetelo on Femina Ludens

The joy of it comes not from the way in which the journey ends but rather in the full immersion that one experiences on the way.

Joshua on Mouseandcat

The effort put into The Path is equal to the enjoyment received. Look at the game like a difficult piece of literature that needs to be sampled over and over again. This isn’t John Grisham, it’s Leo Tolstoy.

Aaron Thayer on The Silicon Sasquatch

The Path’s ideas aren’t built around gameplay; its gameplay is built around ideas.

Games TM #81

Blind nach den Grenzen tasten, als Spielfigur erwachsen werden: Keine sehr angenehme Erfahrung, aber eine, wie man sie nur in ganz wenigen Computerspielen macht.

Achim Fehrenbach on Lords of Zock

Mimo prostej z pozoru historii The Path jest bardzo wielowymiarowa i metaforyczna. Na dodatek bardziej babska, niż jakakolwiek inna gra w którą miałam okazję grać. To opowieść o dorastaniu i utracie niewinności. To również historia poznawania świata od jego złej strony.

Kaja Szafrańska on Game Corner

And an interview with Joe Martin on Bit-Tech Net:

Observing art is a playful activity. But its rules are a lot looser than those of most games because art is about the viewer. And video games tend to be a bit too forceful, too insistent on their own meaning and story. There’s not enough room for play in games to allow them to become art.

8 thoughts on “Reviews of The Path continued”

  1. Dada happened a long time ago.
    I’m sure it inspired us back when we dealt with it in art school.
    And we do still enjoy the spirit of Dada, its freedom and complete lack of respect for other arts. But most of all, I think, we appreciate how tiny the movement was. They ended up being extremely influential, but they had absolutely no intention to be.

    Dada has liberated the arts. In some respect for better but in other ways for worse. So I guess we’re “partially” or “provisionally” inspired by Dada. Which probably would mean “not” in the eyes of Tzara and Picabia.

    We just have too much respect for traditional art to be dadaistic.

  2. Wonderful to see that Path is still getting so much attention. But even amongst the enthusiasm of Path, im sure that many Endless Forest players and their deers are waiting for a new abiogenesis party. I was a bit disappointed since i waited for something to happen now, at easter. And im pretty sure that others were waiting for an easter abogenesis party also, or atleast something like that.
    So, i for one am still looking forward for incoming Abiogenesis parties. Keep up the good job. And if you guys at TOT and other people felt that this was an insult of somesort, i am sincerly sorry.

  3. We did drop confetti and added bubbles and fawn-keep-sets-forever on Easter!

    But… an Abiogenesis celebration of the one month birthday of The Path is coming up!…

  4. Good to hear about your appreciation of Dada. I feel about the same way, a part of me lives Dada, but my art is very traditional. I think, in some ways, the Dadas would like that.

    The main thing that made me ask was the grading system in the Path. It reminded me of the Dadas grading system for how much they liked artists (-25 to 20). I dunno, I felt like the inclusion of that “feature” added to some of the irony of what the game is.

  5. Oh you did do that? Ooooh darned. I missed it. Sorry guys for being such a pain in ya… Flesh. Too much going on in my life.
    And really? Looking forward to that! Hope we see something very extraordinary ;D

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