11 thoughts on “The Path BETA!”

  1. A good way to end a year indeed, and to start a new one! Congratulations, and happy New Year!

  2. This is fantastic! Many congratulations now and in the coming year. May this game do well.

    Will Tale of Tales and Jarboe be release a game soundtrack for The Path? The music is phenomenal. I think the main song on there is “Troll Lullaby,” but there seems to be a piano version in one of the demo videos as well.

  3. Many congratulations to you! This is fantastic news! I am looking forward to playing it, even if I am a little scared. 😉

  4. Thank you all for the congratulations!

    Redkora, we do want to release a soundtrack for The Path but this is going to take some work as the songs will need to be arranged for the linear format of CD/MP3. In the game, the music is dynamic and endless.
    A new arrangement of Troll Lullaby has indeed become the theme song of The Path. But you can find an older version of it already on Jarboe’s album “Sacrificial Cake“.

  5. Don’t be scared, Jen. Come here, little girl, here’s a fun little game for you to play. It’s perfectly harmless and innocent. Come to the forest and play. Don’t be scared… 😉

  6. Happy New Year! 😀 I’m very excited about The Path! It seems like it will be a confirmation of all the stuff you guys have been talking about – let’s hope it’s as good in practice as it is on paper! 😉

  7. I can’t wait for the Path! I especially like the names of the characters…..very neat idea to name them after red-colors.

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