Exhibition: Game/Play, UK

We are presenting a special hour long ABIOGENESIS performance on Thursday July 27th 7.00pm ñ 8.00 pm (UK time, click here for the time in your area) for the exhibition Game/Play presented online, at the HTTP Gallery in London, and Q-Arts in Derby.

more information: http://www.game-play.org.uk
Playful interaction and goal-oriented gaming explored through media arts practice.

The exhibition opens at two different venues, in the UK and then joins, to tour as a single touring show. Game/Play is a networked national touring exhibition in the UK, focusing on the rhetorical constructs game and play.

Game/Play Artists:
Michael Mateas and Andrew Stern, Jetro Lauha, Julian Oliver, Kenta Cho, Mary Flanagan, Low Brow Trash, Paul Granjon, Simon Poulter, Giles Askham, Jakub Dvorsky, Long Journey Home, PRU, Q Club, Furtherfield, Tale of Tales.

The Endless Forest, Version 2.0

We are proud to announce the release of version 2.0 of The Endless Forest today! This is a very exciting release which includes the ability to change the look of the deer avatars using Forest Magic, the first wave of new expressive actions, a lovely forest hang-out in the form of a hollow Old Oak Tree, further development of our ABIOGENESIS system, and more surprises! All this, and of course numerous bug fixes and overall improvements, make this a must have release. We truly look forward to seeing you in The Forest!

Download The Endless Forest 2.0

New Beta of the Screensaver client

For those of you who have not been daring enough to try the experimentalstreaming beta client (which has been updated almost nightly with new additions) We have compiled an updated beta of the Screensaver version of The Endless Forest.

This new version contains The Pond area and everything you need to witness the ABIOGENESIS performances in their full glory.

So, if you are interested in these new features download version 1.5 beta 12 of The Endless Forest Screensaver.

I am sure we will meet some of you in Leuven. And as usual, see you in The Forest!