Drama Princess symposium

Posted by Michael on May 17th, 2006, in Development

Drama Princess is a research project by Tale of Tales (Auriea Harvey & Michael Samyn). Its purpose is to develop a reusable software module for autonomous characters in realtime 3D. The focus is on dramatic impact and emotional effect, rather than a correct recreation of human lifeforms.

The Drama Princess symposium is a round table discussion about autonomous characters in virtual environments. Several commercial video games will be discussed as well as the creation of characters in both science (artificial intelligence) and the arts (literature and theater).

Tuesday, 23 May from 3 to 6 PM
Foam Lab, Koolmijnenkaai 30-34, B-1080 Brussels, Belgium.

Drama Princess is supported by the Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds.

Participants include:
Maja Kuzmanovic (Foam)
Nik Gaffney (Foam)
Judith Dormans
Daan Pasmans
Marek Bronstring (Idle Thumbs, Woedend!)
Maaike Lauwaert
Martijn Hendricks
Auriea Harvey (Tale of Tales)
Michaël Samyn (Tale of Tales)

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