Some reflections on FATALE

Sounds like Polarization Country again… 😉

Anthony was surprisingly mild. Lewis didn’t enjoy it. But Amanda did. VorpalBunny and Chris got all intellectual and lyrical. I think Simone liked it too, though my Italian is limited.

And I love what dandriel said on the forum, after playing FATALE:

I felt like when you get out of an art gallery, or a cinema… when you get back to the real world but your mind is blinded by the fantasy world you have just abandoned.

3 thoughts on “Some reflections on FATALE”

  1. Thank you. Glad to have another motion-sickness-in-games victim test FATALE. Although, of course, the deliberate imprecise control in the second stage, makes is hard to apply to other games that require more precise control.

    We’ve used two tricks that we feel reduce motion sickness in games:
    1. only turn the camera in expected ways, preferably when the player presses a button
    2. put the rotation point in front of the camera and not on the camera itself

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