19 thoughts on “The Path on US radio today”

  1. And it wasn’t just on US radio..it was on THE US radio…NPR. I think they did a great job with the interview. Now 5 gazillion people know about “The Path”. Are you prepared?:)


    ps It was also a 5 minutes of fame for me. Thank You!

  2. I just heard the late night rebroadcast on the way home from work. It sounds very interesting and I found my way here. Great job! I’m looking forward to playing.

  3. What’s really great about this is that we seem to be reaching an entirely new audience. Much more gender- and platform-balanced than before, for instance. And people email us with problems that only people who are not accustomed to downloading and installing games run into. I ♥ noobs! :)

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the success we have within the gamers audience. But I’m very happy that also non-gamers are attracted to our work.

  4. Auriea has the most wonderful laugh :)

    This was an interesting piece, Heather Chaplin did quite well (I didn’t think too much of her after reading Smartbomb…). Also, great inputs from your end. Congratulations for your youngest creative child – it just doesn’t stop making you feel proud, does it?

  5. That broadcast really seems to have reached plenty of people; there’s an influx of new forum members too!

  6. I heard about The Path on the NPR story was so intrigued I downloaded it. I wish it didn’t take so long to do the “Walk of Shame” to grandmother’s house after facing the wolf, but the game was very thought provoking and an excellent gaming experience. After playing it through and contemplating the various forms of the wolf, my 9-year old daughter and I walked the journey of some of the younger characters together.

    Thanks for rethinking gaming in such an artistic way.

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