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Here’s some video reviews of The Path. Video is kind of a frustrating medium because Google doesn’t have a translation machine for it. So I recommend you just press play on all of these simultaneously to get the overall effect. :)

The Escapist (English):

Game Corner (Polish)

PC Guru (Hungarian):

NoobToob (English):

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  1. In the last video, I wanted to kiss that one guy without the American accent. The one guy mentioned the murder and rape thing, which is a valid viewpoint, I suppose. But when Guy Without Accent popped in with his disagreement, I was just “YES! He gets it!”

  2. yeah Emriss. people sometimes go for the obvious until they are confronted with someone who has thought deeper. I was very happy the fellow did the effort to provide a more nuanced viewpoint. Gamers are not used to games that make them think deeply about the metaphors they are confronted with. and that is certainly something one must do with The Path. perhaps that IS the game.

  3. That sounded just a little presumptuous Miss Auriea – don’t mind me saying it. I mean one thing is to have a neutral spokesman say that about The Path. But the fact that you stated it yourself, being one of the creators… just doesn’t seem right. Sorry…

    I think that The Path is loaded with symbollism and with a great deal of artistic vision. Gameplay is just a simple element that keeps it interactive… to walk or not to walk. There is little or no place for random events, which can be a good and a very bad thing as well.

    I think The Path should be interpreted as the beginning of an era for TaleofTales. I hope your games will feel even more complete in the future, with more weight on the consequences of the choices you make during design. Please give more emphasis to things, make them disturbing enough so people keep on thinking about them after finishing the game – I was looking for that in this game but couldn’t find it.

  4. It’s a personal thing, Demi Tasse. For some people it works better than for others. Hopefully we can improve on our skill to make our work appeal more easily to more people in the future (without turning off the people who enjoy it currently). We know that there’s plenty of room for improvement. But that doesn’t mean that our work is not already very different from most games out there. And one of those differences is indeed that actively using your brain/heart/imagination while playing leads to greater enjoyment. While most other games are simply about running around and having fun.

  5. I think I know what Demi Tasse means. Occasionally, The Path lacks the sort of impact that could make the game experience stronger and more vivid. The game is born of perilous and unusual choices from the get go. Even so, there were several times I craved for a little more substance that could enhance and intensify the game experience.

    But, in the defense of its creators, I ask how many times in decades of videogame history have you spotted that sort of impact in a videogame? While thinking about the answer to that question, I ask you to remember the limited resources these artists had to deal with during the creation of the game. Now I hope you can find the answer to your claim right there…

  6. While it is true at certain points during the production, we did wish for more means in order to make certain things more impactful, I think the minimalism and stylisation forced upon us by the lack of those means, ultimately lead to a better product. I am personally very fond of how slow and introverted The Path is, how static it is here and there and how often nothing much happens. I realize that this is not the kind of stuff that is going to win over the masses. But I do think it is very appropriate for our interpretation of the fairy tale.

    Perhaps when we work with a different story in the future, more spectacle and “punch” will be appropriate. And hopeful we’ll be able to pull it off. But The Path is about being lost and alone, in doubt and indecisive. It’s not very glamorous, I know. But it’s something wanted to work with.

  7. Exactly diebussy! I also missed that force of impact that could really made certain sections of the game more powerful and memorable. I enjoy playing a game that can plant some ideas on my head I can think of later. While The Path is a game that requires your immediate sense of interpretation to understand the symbols of the game, I now feel like I can easily forget about it because it has not resonated with… well, with me (personally).

    But you’re absolutely right. I can only think of a couple of videogames capable of producing that sort of impact in me. I hope one day Tale of Tales can work free from any kind of restrictions because I see a lot of talent here and it would be a waste if you didn’t pursue higher objectives in the future.

  8. Nice point Michäel, I agree that The Path is one of the few introversive games I’ve had the fortune to play. I often asked myself what I was looking for in the empty forest and why I kept interpreting the ambiguous situations the way I did. This is why I don’t think I’ll ever be able to write a review – because of my intimate involvement with the game.

    But I dislike “spectacle” and “punch”, so I ask you not to misinterpret my words! I certainly hope none of your games will ever get to that! :)

    What’s so special about games like The Path (or, say, Isabelle ten years ago) is that they are purely experimental. I regard it as more than a wonderful videogame experience (which The Path is, undoubtedly): yet more like another manifesto of yours that’s out there opening new grounds. Perhaps others might feel compelled to do the same on account of your example?

  9. That’s what I am hoping for. I’m afraid Auriea and I are “doomed to be artists”. We seem to be missing the talent to make something that appeals strongly to a large audience. I assure you that we’ve tried our best with The Path. But apparently it’s just not something we do. With any luck, we’ll end up being the Pasolini or Hartley or maybe even Kieslowski or Greenaway of videogames. We’ll never be Spielberg or Lynch or Kubrick or Coppola. So I think we shouldn’t even try. Hopefully other people continue where we have to let go.

  10. I loved the artistic side of the Path. And I feel so relieved that you see yourselves as artists. It’s like opening a nw window and letting in some fresh air to this poorly lit room where the air has become stale and fetid. It so happens the room is just a bit too big for that small window to make a difference but… it might inspire others to follow your lead.

    (Oh, btw, this is a long shot but… are you the “Antagonism and Continuity” dieubussy? If not sorry I ever mentioned it!)

  11. Yes, Demi Tasse, I don’t think there’s anyone else using the alias “dieubussy” anyway! Thanks for noticing.

    One thing I love about Tale of Tales is the fact that you are open to your public: you invite beta testers to come over to the studio, you reply to comments on the blog… I can’t tell whether you’re bound to become the Spielbergs or the Peter Greenaways of this industry, but you are surely no prima-donnas. Thanks for being so accessible and interested in other people’s perspectives.

  12. wow, Game Corner! I’m impressed 8D the guy really knows what he’s talking about, good review.

    btw, I told my mum about The Path to make her play and say what she thinks about it. We only went to the grandmother’s house once and she said she doesn’t want to play this again – it’s too touching for her c’:

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