Russians on The Path

The Path in Gameland

We just received a magazine, which I believed is called Gameland with a spread about The Path. Thanks, Ilya! And next month, Igromania, possibly Russia’s biggest game magazine, is going to publish a preview. They had already posted an extensive article about the game on their website last year. We have also been approached by several Russian publishers who want to distribute the game in stores. I guess people like original PC games over there.

4 thoughts on “Russians on The Path”

  1. Oh, what great news!
    Thank you for your recent game reviews Michael, it’s been a real pleasure to read reviews on specific games with your point of view.
    And, I came across a very curious Swedish band called Detektivbyrån, with very fairytale-like music without vocals I thought I’d give you a link to. Here’s a youtube-video of a song called Om Du Möter Varg (If you meet a wolf) in honor of the progress of the Path,

    Thank you for all your hard work!

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