Introducing: Ginger!

Here we go again, number four of six. Ginger is her name. We finished her model yesterday.
She’s 13 and a bit of a tomboy.

The forest is a great place for adventures! And a much more fun way to get to grandmother’s house. Ginger isn’t one for sticking to paths. Running around in the fields, climbing gnarly old trees, playing wild games with abandoned toys, collecting pebbles and hitting things with sticks. The idea of growing up doesn’t hold much appeal. Who’d want to give up their childhood? But Ginger is 13. The end is near.
She’s a fresh flower of the field in her own way. Very independent -a loner, actually- and completely absorbed in the game she thinks of as life. Will she bloom before she wilts? Will she ever learn? Should she?
The forest holds no secrets for her. Or does it?

We have posted some new snaps of Ginger (do pardon the pun 😉 ) on the website of The Path. There’s portraits in the gallery and a Ginger desktop wallpaper in the downloads section.

We’ll also be posting some “behind-the-scenes” material to the development journal.

Like her sisters Robin, Carmen and Rose, Ginger is keeping a Livejournal. She’s not much of a writer. But perhaps what’s there will help us understand what’s going on in that untamed head of hers.

That’s four down. Two more to go. The next Red Girl will be revealed in two weeks.
Lots of work to do…