The Making of Ginger

September 19th, 2008 by Auriea


All hail the fearless, little Ginger!
I think every parent has a favourite child. You don’t let them know it, but there is one that always surprises you. One that reflects the best of you while still becoming their own person. Ginger was always my favourite. Not only was she the one I feel I finally modeled perfectly correct, but with the animation’s Laura made for her, she’s absolutely not like the other girls. Also even though she is 13, she is smaller than her little sister Rose… something she is not happy about. ;)

screenshot_802 3-Tomboy Red (11)-concept screenshot_660 blur_tomboyred Ginger-wireframe

In my original sketch she was more boy-ish. But I changed my mind to make her a little more flirty and feminine after revisiting a favorite film of ours:

The hair, necklace and penchant for playing with wolves are pretty much where the similarities end, I think making Ginger more of a little girl who doesn’t know her own beauty was a successful choice.
She is outgoing and active, and is a lot of fun in the game! :)

VERY work in progress screenshots

More images in the gallery and on Flickr. Plus another wallpaper at the downloads page.

6 Responses to “The Making of Ginger”

  1. “Not only was she the one I feel I finally modeled perfectly correct”

    I wonder why…?

    Congratulations on yet another enchanting character!

  2. ahh i’m a perfectionist… and kind of hard on myself about these things. i am always learning new ways to make characters and with her it all just sort of fell into place and wasn’t a struggle to get what we wanted. :)

    thanks for your comments!

  3. Awesome!! That character is so cute!! Man, you know what? I love all of these characters!! =D
    when the game comes out, im sooo gonna play all versions!!! =D

  4. Luck

    This is my favorite character as well. I feel like everything is done well with her. Perhaps it helps that I can relate to her the most.

  5. Crimson

    will there be a sequel is all I want to know as I recently got the first and have played it like 1000 times

  1. 1

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