The Making Of Robin

August 7th, 2008 by Auriea

We will be releasing official images and info of all The Path characters, starting now and every 2 weeks til you’ve seen them all (well… almost all, have to save some surprises to be discovered, naturally.) And as we show the finished images out front, I’ll be back here giving away all my secrets. Work. In. Progess.


Introducing Robin! The youngest girl in the family. She was a fairly easy birth.
kid-Martha_groenkapje 1. Kid Red (9)-concept screenshot_618 screenshot_757 screenshot_758

(click the above to see them larger) She started as inspiration in the form of an outfit Michael’s daughter wore one day. Then she was next seen as a (bad) sketch, by me. From there, there was no stopping her emergence!

A quick VERY WORK IN PROGRESS shot of her in the game with the realtime 3d screenshot equivalent of red-eye making her look up to no good! But really, she’s a good kid.

Quest3D 2008-08-05 12-46-40-55

Some final beauty shots to see in the Path gallery and on flickr aaand a desktop wallpaper for you to download.

& just WAIT til you see her MOVE! ;)

9 Responses to “The Making Of Robin”

  1. Looks absolutely fantastic. Thank you.

  2. PBB

    The wallpaper is beautiful!
    Is it 2d drawing or 3d rendering or the mix of both?

  3. the wallpaper is all 3d. even the background which is a blurred landscape from the game. everything was composited in photoshop; textures added and colors messed with for effect, logo added, etc. glad you like it. there will be more!

  4. Ben

    nice edgeloops :-)

    does the deformation work well on the rig? Any clipping issues on the jacket? i’d like to see the animation :-)

  5. Kyrstin

    Wow, that is brilliant. I love the red glow in both her eyes and the background!

  6. Ravi

    Love the look! Girl, you just get better and better!

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