The Path development journal

We have opened a new blog
The Path development journal
where we will share all the ins and outs of the ongoing production of The Path. Look forward to teasing and spoiling, but above all to the inspirations and day to day joys and worries of the creative team behind The Path.

To celebrate the occasion, we are revealing the silhouettes of the main characters in the game: the Red Girls. Soon, we will start highlighting them, one by one.

2 thoughts on “The Path development journal”

  1. Ok, teasing…It’s not nice. It’s bad enough that I have to wait for The Path to come out, but now you guys are dangling it in front of my nose on a string? That’s mean… :(

    Anyway, thanks for the blog. I love hearing about what goes on behind the scenes and seeing how much work people put into their work. This is a very interesting and very good read.

  2. We are as eager as you to finish The Path. But we are making so many delightful little steps of progress continuously that we just feel like sharing them.

    We’re not just teasing for show. The characters are not done yet. And as soon as they are done for us, we will publish a picture of them for everyone.

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