TEF on Mac almost, again

There is Yet Another Windows Virtualization software. This time one that does NOT require you to install windows on the machine AT ALL! I tried CrossOver a year or so ago but found it lacked any 3d acceleration or DirectX emulation, but now they have a new product available.
CrossOver Games is a fancy, 3d optimized, re-packaging of Wine software emulation. Thus it works for both Mac and Linux to emulate an environment compatible with many PC video games. Read more about this on Joystiq, thats where I first heard of it.

Anyway, my tests with getting The Endless Forest up and running with it were mixed. The GOOD: It does a really fantastic job of running the game! It speeds along at over 30 FPS on my MacBook Pro. Since it doesn’t require a real Windows installation I had it installed and was playing in a matter of minutes. CrossOver Games is alot less expensive than VMWARE or Parallels and since you aren’t buying windows either its a good emulation solution. The BAD: I couldn’t get a network connection :( which of course renders the multiplayer experience of TEF unusable. I don’t know if the connection problem with TEF is just a problem with my network or my computer though, so if you try it then let me know what your experience was.

On the upside… It runs Guild Wars flawlessly. So maybe that is some consolation.

4 thoughts on “TEF on Mac almost, again”

  1. You should post this on the Endless Forest’s web-thing (what do you call a mini-website inside a website?), so that any wandering Mac users can play. =)

  2. Hi,

    Running TEF on my 13″ Macbook right now under Crossover Games, Leopard. It sings, but like you I couldn’t get it to connect. I’m guessing it has something to do with the way TEF connects to the server? I’m no expert, but I would be so happy if I could connect to other players on this!

    I also tried it on Parallels and got onto the network once, but the whole game lagged so badly it just wasn’t worth it.

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