ABIOGENESIS: Summer Solstice

Dear deer,

Tomorrow is the longest day of the year. To celebrate this occasion,
the Twin Gods will leave their trusty base on Twin Gods Hill and
swoop through the endless forest that we all know and love, leaving
a trail of fauna and flowers in possible and impossible
configurations. Let there be day and let there be night!

Please join us for the last Abiogenesis of Phase Two: tomorrow, June
21st at 6 pm GMT/UTC.

Download The Endless Forest.
San Francisco: 11:00
Houston: 13:00
Indianapolis: 14:00
New York: 14:00
Casablanca: 18:00
London: 19:00
Amsterdam: 20:00
Prague: 20:00
Addis Ababa: 21:00
Athens: 21:00
Moscow: 22:00
Baghdad: 22:00
New Delhi: 23:30
Singapore: Friday 02:00
Tokyo: Friday 03:00
Find the time in other locations here.

2 thoughts on “ABIOGENESIS: Summer Solstice”

  1. Since “non-demoninational pagan” is one of my five religions (its customary for a game designer to adopt five religions) I should get sloppy drunk and blazed tommarow evening. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. That won’t be necessary in the Forest. We’re well beyond the vulgar pleasures that absorbing chemicals might offer to some. And we can suffice with two religions. :)

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