ABIOGENESIS on Sunday/Monday!

ABIOGENESIS march18-19 2007On Monday 19 March it will have been 8 years since Michael and I launched our first mutual website (entropy8zuper.org, which was the merger of entropy8.com and zuper.com). To celebrate, we are inviting all deer to join us in The Endless Forest for another edition of ABIOGENESIS – Twin Gods Festival!

San Francisco: Sunday, 18 March, 5 PM
New York: Sunday, 18 March, 8 PM
London: Sunday 18 March, midnight
Brussels: Monday, 19 March, 1 AM
Moscow: Monday, 19 March, 3 AM
Tokyo: Monday, 19 March, 9 AM
Sydney: Monday, 19 March, 11 AM
Other time zones

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