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Tale of Tales continues to show that they’re filled with very clever ideas about how to use games to get an emotional response from players.
Chris Kohler, Wired

Auriea Harvey and Michaël Samyn may be among the few consistently, continuously productive game artists around.
Ian Bogost, Kotaku

Michael and Auriea are not like other people with an interest in games. I cannot resist the temptation to describe them as insane artists – in the same way that I would describe Keita Takahashi as an insane artist.
Chris Bateman,

When i first read about the game last year, i found this idea of a jeu d’auteur extremely interesting. I had to read in three different sources that they are from Belgium before believing it (so is the faith i have in my own country!)
Régine Debatty,

Initial founders of the groundbreaking websites Entropy8 and Zuper!, the duo aim to challenge the fundamentals of game play by creating a ‘plot free’ experience of exploration and contemplation.
Jonah Brucker-Cohen,

If the traditional virtual worlds can be considered as chat evolutions, The Endless Forest seem to assume a clear counter-trend, bordering on the zero degree of interaction.
Paolo Pedercini,

I find this game incredibly soothing. When I’m sad and tired, I take a run around the forest or sit inside the Old Oak, listening to gentle music. If I’m lonely, I connect and dance with other deer. If I feel like being lonely, I log out and walk around all alone. There’s something amazing about spending time in a forest, even if it’s a virtual one.

The Endless Forest has no rules, no targets, no foes and no scores. This is a liberating gaming experience, which just allows you to play for playing’s sake. Remember people, we do actually play games for fun – although sometimes I wonder.
Chella Ramanan,

Projekte wie “Cloud” oder “The Endless Forest”, sozusagen die MMORPG-Variante des experimentellen Spielens, verzichten auf fast alle definierenden Elemente herkömmlicher Spiele und verwischen so die Grenzen zum weiten, heterogenen Feld der Kunst.
Rainer Sigl,

It’s a very relaxing experience. It’s not a game in any conventional sense, and right now, it’s pretty basic… but it’s wonderful, I think. Innovative and beautiful.
Linda Bergkvist,