The Path Anniversary: postmortem 3

The third chapter of our postmortem of The Path is about what we think went right and what we think went wrong during and after the production. Several items on the list are not so black or white, as they have positive and negative sides. Overall, releasing a game like The Path probably has a similar effect on its creators as giving birth on a mother: the baby is such a glorious thing that you forget -or trivialize- all the hardship and pain that preceded its existence. Still, it’s good to stop for a moment and evaluate the entire project, in the hope of avoiding mistakes in the future, and repeating successes.

Please read on.

4 thoughts on “The Path Anniversary: postmortem 3”

  1. Great read as usual! Btw, is there going to be an update from your “concentric” project, or is it still too early for that? the tumblr page looks very enigmatic!

  2. Thank you.

    The Cncntrc Tumblr feed is the update. :) I’m not sure if we’re going to communicate about the project in any other way before it’s done. If it seems a bit enigmatic at the moment, that’s in part because we are also still exploring and figuring out what we’re going to make exactly.

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