All IGF 2010 videos

Compiled, for you. And for us. We like watching game videos during tea time. And thanks to delayed airplanes, I was able to compile all the videos of the games entered in the Independent Games Festival this year into
a YouTube playlist (181 videos!) and
a Vimeo channel (36 videos).

We still need to go through all 306 (!) entries but some immediately stood out, like A Slow Year, Lose/Lose, TRAUMA and Wait but there seems to be a lot more where that came from. The overall polish of the games this year seems much higher. And 2D platformers (still) reign supreme. Though I also noticed a much higher amount of 3D games than in previous years. And less (pseudo) self mocking games.

More later.

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  1. Thank you! I only wish the increase in number would equal the increase in quality. Although I agree that a few are very promising. As always, it’s the few.

    I’ll be interviewing Trauma creator Krystian Majewski very soon. He says it’s due for release later this year so I’m dreaming of a traumatic Christmas.

    Now… to the videos!

  2. I haven’t seen them all but I trust my discernment in telling which games are worthwhile. I felt disappointed with all the clones and the spiritual sequels of the remakes. Again, there’s a matter of quantity over quality that mirrors the indie gaming scene quite accurately, in my opinion.

    Sine Causa seems to be something completely off the wall. A Slow Year is also a rather interesting surprise but I’m still waiting on Bogost’s final answer as to whether I’ll be able to run the game properly on my PAL Atari VCS or not. (keeping fingers crossed!)

    Apart from that I still think that last year’s festival was a bit more… fruitful. Thanks for your hard work putting all these videos together. Such an indiegame-friendly initiative!

  3. there’s a duplicate called Liegze or something and also an iPhone game, that shouldn’t be in the main competition

  4. I’ve been amazed by the work of Critical Games, specially by their work in Bang!

    “Bang! [1998], a game that allows the player to kill other players , but by killing them the player must endure a long interruptive experience which forces the player to review the fictive history of their victim.”

    I think the implications of killing someone use to be ignored in games. You kill 100, 200, 300 people and the worst thing that happens to you is that you get more ammo from the corpses. If that polygons you shoot at are using a human appereance then they have to have human traits.

    I thank this approach to the subject.

  5. You probably shouldn’t call it “All IGF 2010 vidoes” because there was obviously more than 170 games submitted. People might get the idea that these actually are all the entries, ignoring the 130 or so other entries.

  6. That’s why it says “all videos” and not “all games”. The list contains all videos of the games submitted to the competition. But not all developers have submitted a video.

    If we missed any, please let us know.

  7. Yeah, but when you say “[…] I was able to compile all the videos of the games entered in the Independent Games Festival […]” it’s easy to misinterpret.

  8. I’d say “a bunch of” instead because that’s what it is, it’s a bunch of videos but obviously not videos of all games entered. the distinction between all games entered and all games that have a video posted on its submission page isn’t really meaningful to make.

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