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Fatale in EdgeFatale in Games TM

There’s a 4 page interview about FATALE in the current issue of Games TM (89) that was made before the release of the game. And there’s a rateless review of FATALE in Edge online, which I enjoyed because it’s about what the writer discovered while playing and how he appreciated it.

Video games rarely offer the chance to look so deeply at a single character, or to spend so much time lingering over an environment and enjoying it for its own sake. Tale Of Tales is a small team, but they went across disciplines to find experts in every field, from the art to the music to that wonderous dance sequence. Plenty of indies wear primitive graphics as a badge of honor; Tale Of Tales pulled off Fatale with a team of less than a dozen.

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  1. I have a feeling it totally depends on who’s writing the article. Which makes sense when you’re talking about things that are supposed to be personal experiences. Sadly Edge has a policy of not mentioning the names of the authors of the articles. They deserve better.

  2. Exactly. Edge is the kind of magazine where reviewers don’t sign their own texts so it seems to me like that it is more of a editor/team work – at least the final go ahead and print it – than an individual opinion. And it is harder to evade preconceived formats for that reason.

    Speaking of game magazines, how nice would it be if Tale of Tales was approached by this magazine? – click my name to see what I mean. Or did it happen already? (I don’t own the first few issues… yet).

  3. Hey.
    Edge magazine is showing the good afford of the Table Of Tales team.Team is performing good because it selects only specialist artist in all fields. But it takes so long time to find out the such a good characteristics.

  4. We like to think of our projects as tools that allow you to slow down for a while, Nintendo. Don’t hurry. Take the time. Take as much as you need until the flower starts blooming for you. Extend that time. Push that moment forward. Don’t stop too quickly.

  5. @dieubussy We’ve added the Amusement email addresses to our press list. We’ll see if they respond next time we send out a press release. Why do you think they should feature us?

  6. @ Michaël

    I wrote to the Amusement staff suggesting that they should contact you or at least feature your work in their next issue. I can’t explain why I feel that the magazine is perfect for the format of your projects; but I honestly hope that you’ll be finding that out yourself come January :)

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