Visit The Graveyard today -for free

It’s All Souls’ Day today. A day to commemorate the dead. Over here, we visit cemeteries today and put flowers on the graves of family members and friends who have died. It’s a day of silence and serenity.

Those who prefer to commemorate the dead from home, can visit last year’s Independent Games Festival finalist The Graveyard. For the occasion, today, the full version of the game can be downloaded for free.

Get it here:
The Graveyard for Windows – Free
The Graveyard for Mac OS X – Free
Only yesterday.

You can still download the trial version of The Graveyard for free here.

22 thoughts on “Visit The Graveyard today -for free”

  1. Thanks guys. This is truly awesome. I really liked the concept behind The Graveyard and I hope that in between the bigger project you’ll find the time to make smaller games / interactive experiences like this one.

  2. Thank you so much.
    The Graveyard is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen and played.

    [the second one is The Path.]

  3. It is appropriate that we give The Graveyard away today as the project is, in part, a little tribute to our late Grandmother. Very happy you folks like it!

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  6. It’s still november second where I live, but the link is dead. Damn my timezone, I’m the last to get everything. :(

  7. The Graveyard is all about carpe diem, much like this initiative is/was. I’m reminded of Herrick’s emblematic poem:

    Then be not coy, but use your time
    And while ye may, go marry
    For having lost but once your prime
    You may forever tarry.

  8. Aw, downloaded it yesterday and went to unpack the archive today to find it corrupted. Ran back here hoping the link was still up but no luck. Guess I’ll be seeing no dead old ladies today.

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