Weekend of the Dead in The Endless Forest

Halloween (today), All Saints (tomorrow) and All Souls (Monday) are special days in The Endless Forest. Then the world we know as idyllic and sunny turns grey and chilly. Bats circle in the air and mist clouds float over the land. There’s graves everywhere, and burning candles, as we commemorate the dead. The giant Lord of The Dead (also know as BZD -the Big Zombie Deer) visits the forest and tricks those who want to treat him. Through the extended weekend, the Twin Gods will be making their appearance too for additional tricks and treats!

Dead in The Forest

If you happen to find yourself in Scotland today, head down to Inspace in Edinburgh, where Tale of Tales’ creepiest stories are on display in a fitting Halloween décor. There’s six computers to play The Path on. And a computer from which the Dark Lord of Darkness can be controlled. Now is your chance to terrorize the innocent!

13 thoughts on “Weekend of the Dead in The Endless Forest”

  1. Well I hope I am able to connect to the forest some time during the weekend! All the pictograms are just floating at the bottom of my screen right now… D:

  2. It’s odd because that hasn’t happened to me for almost an entire year (or more), maybe it’s because of how many people are online. Hopefully it will wear off soon. I’m connected and signed in, it reads 70 people. But those pictos are just clumped together.

  3. Despite the lag and the connection oddness, I was able to see some cool stuff. Thanks for putting all this on!

  4. I think it was really, really nice of you to put the full memorial in the Forest today, considering the fallout that happened on the forums when it first happened.

    Have a good All Souls Day, and thanks for putting up all the neat stuff in the Forest for the weekend!

  5. I know yall’ve probably got a lot on your plate, but with this new Mac, I’m really missing the Forest…

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