FATALE is here!

No, really, it’s still 5 October here in Belgium. Barely, though. It’s almost midnight.

BUT, FATALE is ready for your discerning eyes, your hungry ears and your greedy fingers.
At 1 US Dollar per veil… :)

Click on the moon.


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  1. This is, frankly, phenomenal. At first I thought it was *too* literal an interpretation of the Oscar Wilde play, but then I noticed some elements in the second act that threw me for a loop.

    Very curious as to why you went with (what appears to me as) a full-grown woman rather than the biblical “korasion” figure. Maybe this will make itself evident as I play the piece more.

  2. The character design is by Takayoshi Sato, so to get to the bottom of it we would need to ask him. For me, she could still be quite young. Not a child anymore. But one of those girls that looks dangerously too old for her age. My daughter is twelve and some of her friends are getting breasts! At 14 some of these girls already look like little ladies. It’s quite frightening, actually.

    But I very much enjoy to ambiguity of the design. She can definitely be read as a young mature woman. And given the context of Wilde’s story, and it’s theme of “first true love”, that is also very moving, I think.

  3. It was 4 am when it released here! Got it now though but will have to wait till after work till enjoy. Thank you.

    (Sorry but I had to rename it THE Fatale so it would group with your other titles in my alphabet obsessed Mac – is that bad?)

  4. Fatale was excellent! I really enjoyed it!

    Do you guys have any plans to release it on Steam or anywhere else?

  5. I have to agree with CoinCollector. Is it coming to Steam? In fact, if you release it through Steam, I promise I will buy it through Steam, and directly from you.

  6. Congrats on releasing it! I’ll be checking it out when I get home from school today (noticed that it was released at about 2 AM and will soon be off to school now).

    Now I’ll be having something to look forward to and a reason to endure chemistry. yay!

  7. It was just great, I really really enjoyed this… “interactive vignette” (I refuse to call it a game).

    For me, the first playthrough has been a very intense sensorial and atmospherical experience. The way you managed sound and the use of fotography was fantastic. I understand pretty well why you offered the chance of getting screenshots because it’s worth it. I don’t really know how to put it but I was absolutely delighted.

    All those anachronical elements of the second part startled mee too and the combination between the calm mood and that feeling of strangeness created a very particular and pleasuring sensation.

    I don’t really know how to put it, but It was just great. Again, congratulations, Michaël and Auriea and thank you for making this.

  8. @ CoinCollector & Adam: We are not going to distribute FATALE through a lot of channels. But we’d like to make an exception for Steam and Direct2Drive. We’ve sent a review copy to both yesterday. We’ll see what they say. Hope they’ll have us. You’ll hear it here. :)

    Thanks for the support!

  9. Hi, I can’t find a link to download the game?
    (maybe the fact that I’m on a mac matters?)
    When I click the moon, I’m taken to the Fatale section of the site, but no “download” or “buy” in sight….

  10. @ yamama

    Can’t you see the buttons just above the system requirements? One for PC, another for Mac? Just click on any of them and push the tempo 😉

  11. If my computer can play The Path rather smoothly at medium settings, will I be able to play this?

  12. This game allows several lower resolutions, windowed or full screen mode, as well as 5 different detail levels. If you were able to run The Path, Fatale will work rather smoothly, I’m sure.

  13. i didn’t buy it yet BUT one thing i have to criticize about your games is they are so short :(((((((((( ..I barely begin to enjoy the atmosphere and they are finished.I left 2-3 girls in The Path for other times..I just can’t face the thing that they finish so quick.. With shooter games you can just spawn stupid borring zombies… and make levels with 3 holes looks the same :((

  14. Play more slooowly, badsykes! 😉

    Considering how much work creation of realtime 3D pieces involves, we actually like making short pieces. But, ideally, the technology and tools should be improved, so we don’t waste so much time on purely technical things. And spend more time on making longer pieces.

    But we’ll make a zombie shooter next. Especially for you. 😉

  15. Having finally played through it (albeit on minimum settings; I WILL get a new comp within the next two years!), I must say I do see your version of Salome as a young woman who looks older than she is. It wasn’t so much the design as it was the dance at the end. Maybe it was due to animation limitations, but it seemed to me like she performed the dance with the knowledge it could be considered erotic, but didn’t quite know how to make it so.

  16. Thank you Simone! I love what Google Translate makes of this paragraph:

    Oriental, mystical, profound and creative Fatale is one of the few games to put the female body at the center of the representation without pornografizzarlo (despite the nude) without undermining it and turning it into a sexual object and void act only on the fulfillment of male instincts (Wet your mother). It is also one of the few to tap religious themes directly, without reducing them to trivialize rotten food for adolescents.

  17. I would definitely buy a zombie shooter by ToT…

    If anything, it would actually be an atmospheric and spooky psychological horror, as opposed to the usual power fantasy. It would also be the bait to pull in a more mainstream audience, who then get hooked on the idea of games as art.

    Ill just be over here, continuing to dream unreasonable dreams…

    Or, really pull a fast one. Make a zombie game about Philosophical zombies. Explore themes of existential philosophers, and pull in the crowd looking for the next Resident Evil.

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